Welcome to Our Practice

Southwest Training Institute Forth Worth, TX

We deliver training that is adult-focused, learner-centered, skill-based, and enjoyable. We conduct a meaningful learning experience, highly interactive and experiential. Our workshops are customized to emphasize the exact learning objectives that are most important to each learner group. Our overall approach to training delivery is to engage the learner in not only enhancing their knowledge, but to practice and apply what is learned within typical workplace scenarios. Our training goal is to develop and improve skills and strengthen behaviors in order to achieve greater professional development. We also process/discuss what is learned through skill practices where students can ask questions, identify what works, what hinders, and what to improve upon for greater
workplace effectiveness.

Our Turn-Kay Instructor Kits are 95% complete; you provide that last 5% to make them exactly yours. Each Instructor Kit comes with a fully-scripted facilitation guide, interactive Skill Practice segments (that you can customize), targeted Trouble-Shooting Guide, customizable PowerPoint slideshow, "reminder" cards (job aids) that are useful for effective workplace application, and more. The instructor Kits are complete "turn-key" with behavioral videos (industrial & office formats). Both the Industrial and Office learning formats are included with each Instructor Kit. All of our learning materials are professionally developed with adult learning theory in mind using quality design elements. There are NO Mandatory Certification Workshops; optional Train-the-Trainer workshops are available.

Our entire online curriculum reflects current views and the latest online technology. Each course has been designed for optimum adult learning and offers something for everyone---the audio-based learner, the visual learner, and the kinesthetic learner. Our courseware has better than a 90% completion rate (stickiness factor) which speaks about quality, learner engagement, and realized ROI. Our online courseware can be loaded onto most SCORM compliant LMS platforms. Our online programs are available on a (1) pre-paid volume basis, (2) pay-as-you-go, or through (3) E-Commerce.

We use a structured process that helps your group plan and conduct an effective exchange of ideas that involves every member (including the quietest members), even when the topic is sensitive and emotionally charged. Our practices reduce the "power" struggle that most meetings present and result in 100% participation. We've been told that our meetings make it "safe" to speak up and share opinions. Our methods produce collaborative discussions that result in actionable outcomes.

Our awareness tools provide all the insight needed to consciously apply targeted efforts to better utilize your positives and strengthen developmental areas. Personalized feedback will help you become more aware of your communication behaviors and tendencies. Our Learning Instruments are based on the philosophy that "awareness is more than half the battle". When we are more in tune with ourselves, we are better equipped to accentuate and better utilize our strengths and, more purposefully, develop future skills and capabilities. This feedback is appropriate for anyone in the organization who would like to better understand their response to others and how they impact other people.